• Winner Sports Agency will work together to help athletes and coaches achieve their dreams.

    In order for a player to achieve their dreams on the best stage, they need as much support as they can.

    Winner Sports Agency will provide one-stop management services with a group of experts in various fields including tax accounting, sports medicine, financial and real estate asset management, sports media, sports psychology, and sports law.

    Recently, the sports industry is also being converged and combined with the 4th industrial revolution technology such as virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, IoT, and big data. Winner Sports Agency will endeavor to carry out sports marketing for athletes, coaches, sports organizations, and companies in order to keep up with the changes in the sports environment.

    Even if athletes take off their uniforms and retire, Winner Sports Agency will support you as a partner so that you can picture your life after you retire from the ground.

    Winner Sports Agency will continue to be a trusted sports management and marketing company from athletes, coaches, sports organizations and companies.

    Thank you.

    CEO Raehyouk KANG

  • Sungkyunkwan University, Korea, Bachelor’s Degree in Law

    Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of Korea, Certificate of completion

    Admitted to bar, Korea

  • Partner, Hye-Myung Law Firm, Seoul, Korea (2016. 4. ~ Present)

    Public Official Agent, Korea Baseball Oganization (2018. 1. ~ Present)

    Chairman of Dispute Mediation Committee, Korea Football Association (2019. 4. ~ Present)

    Executive legal advisor to the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee (2018. 4. ~ Present)

    Member of Rules Committee in Olympic Council of Asia (2015 ~ Present)

    Executive Auditor to Korea Paralympic Committee (2018. 4. ~ Present)

    Executive legal advisor to the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (2018. 5. ~ Present)

    Director of Korea Sport Industry Association (2017. 5. ~ Present)

    Director of Legal Affairs Team of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee (2010. 9. ~ 2016. 3.)

    Legal Consultant of Korean Delegation in 30th London Olympic Games (2012)

    Co-Representative of the KSOC delegation for Jongwoo Park, footballer’s Dokdo ceremony incident in 30th London Olympic of the IOC Disciplinary Commission (2013)

    Member of Disciplinary Commission to the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee (2013. ~ 2016. 3.)

    Legal consultant for the Kim, yu-na case during the sochi winter Olympics 2014

    Legal Consultant of the Korean Delegation in 17th Incheon Asian Games (2014)